When you are thinking of a new marketing plan or something to change with your current one, all you need to do is learn the steps on how you can connect with your customers and get good leads.

Survey Customers

You will not be able to effectively connect with potential customers if you are not thinking of a customer in your mind. What you need to do is survey current customers, including members of the target market in order to find out how you can present your service or products better or the aspects that may be missing from what you are offering right now.


Find out your competitor’s customers

In order to do this, you need to research your competitors first. There you will learn the kind of customers your competitors are targeting, and this will help you expand your consumer base.

Target Ads

Advertising through Google and Facebook are far cheaper alternatives to advertising since it makes use of targeted ads. Even if the reach is less initially, this will gradually help you to go a long way. Targeted ads are different from the traditional ones – they are targeted at audiences who are likely going to need your service.

Smart Social Media

Being present in social media is different from social media presence. When you focus on holding on to customers, just by giving a little effort on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it can really push your business.

Respond to every comment, tweet, email and phone call.

This means that you need to adjust yourself whenever needed. Take a look at what Paul English did when he was still presiding over Kayak. He intentionally placed an extremely loud phone in the middle of the office so that not a single call is missed.

The main point here is that you always answer calls, care for the customers and fix problems as they get to you.

Affiliate Marketing

This method has been overlooked for most, but it is a very effective way of raising brand awareness at quite a good rate.

Establish trust within your community

This is done by going through user reviews or testimonials, getting likes or syndicating articles. As you see today’s competitive world, businesses congesting into the industry one after another, it is very challenging for business owners to grow. In order to gain support, companies need to establish trust first.

Associate with influencers

And you don’t just settle with any influencers you see. When you engage with the big players within the industry you are working on, it becomes a very effective way for you to get a wider base. If you are getting the attention of an influencer or thought leader, you get a chance to capture all their friends and fans and at the same time establish credibility and trust.

Post relevant content

Many businesses today publish their own blog as a means to keep their customers updated of their offers. One thing that will keep you connected with your customers is by posting relevant and original content. It doesn’t need to be self-promotional, as long as your website doesn’t get blacklisted by Google.

Create an engaging newsletter for the leads

This may be one of the most time-consuming aspects of marketing online – generating leads. But you get to reduce the time by making personalized email newsletters, promotional campaigns and the A/B test advertising. Make sure you take advantage of data in order to fine-tune your work and scale it up on your campaigns.